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At the beginning my company was an agency particular for percussionists, now I have included other instrumentalists. In my own past I have worked as a percussionist in many guises - drummer in the 60s, educationalist studies in Framnäs in the 70s and Regionmusiken and Kroumata in the 80s. From 1987 - 2003 I had a break from the music profession working as a pilot and instructor, and now I find myself in the interesting situation of leading a small company working with eminent musicians.

This homepage reflects percussion in Sweden, naturally with focus on “my” ensembles and soloists; Andersson & Berg, Daniel Berg, BOB Percussion Duo, Global Percussion Network and TribukaitPetterssonBerg.

Now I´m also include Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, an all over the world known ensemble.

Within the site it is my aim to list all the different concerts and activities that are taking place. When available, further information can be found via the links to further pages on this site or further a field on the internet.

Martin Steisner Artists Management
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