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Daniel Berg - Soloist of marimba

Audioclip: Daniel Berg Over the moon.

Daniel Berg is teaching the marimba in the University College of Music in Örebro and Gothenburg (Sweden).


He has made several recordings on CD like In a Landscape (2000), Ricamo (2006), Sound of Transparence (2007) and Thunder Dance (2008) - please visit www.swedishmusicshop.com for more info.


In his passion to promote the marimba as a solo instrument, Daniel has worked intimately with a number of composers who have written original music for the instrument. He played for the first time a marimba-concerto composed by Anders Nilsson together with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.


Printed music by Daniel Berg is published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (www.mostlymarimba.com).



Daniel Berg - Projekt






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