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Arena - Percussion Concerto No 1

Composer: Broström, Tobias (b 1978) Duration: 25 min Orchestra: 2222, 4321, 2 perc, Hrp, Pno, Strings

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Tobias Broström ( b. 1978 ), a native of Helsingborg, Sweden; He is a graduate of Malmö Academy of Music where he earned a degree in music education featuring an emphasis in percussion. After completing his studies in percussion he went on studying composing at the same Academy.  Some of his teachers to be mentioned are Swedish composer Rolf Martinsson & Italian composer Luca Francesconi, currently professor in composing at Malmö Academy of Music.

As a composer, Tobias music quite natural bears the stamp of a deep relationship with rhythm. He has written many works for percussion, but also other chamber music, electro-acoustic music  & orchestral music are represented in his list of works.

Since 2003 he has been working as a teacher in arranging/composing and theory at the Sundsgården Folk High School and besides
this he also does music production in various ways including arranging and recording.


"Promising and memorable: Tobias Broström's "Arena," hopefully also titled "Percussion Concerto No. 1."  Youthful, mature music by a 26-year-old student of composition in collaboration with a 28-year-old executor, Johan Bridger, already impressively accomplished. The soloist's movement between the different groups of instruments is the visual realization of the arena, and the music follows a clear path and many shifting views.  It is apparent that the composer himself is also a percussionist.

One can achieve much with an arsenal of percussion. Limiting oneself is the hardest aspect. Broström does not ration, but instead, just the opposite, he wisely distributes. Sharp expressionism mixed with impressionistic softness during the journey - stylistically may be well-beaten tracks, but are steadily explored. Sometimes, the extremes melt together, resulting in interesting tension. The timbre receives its fair share, the rhythm is definitely not forgotten, and the virtuosity possibilities appear to be inexhaustible - Bridger's final cadenzas were phenomenal.

Not many world premiers receive this obvious exultation. Congratulations to Broström and all the best wishes for Bridger in the prestigious competition, the "Soloist Prize."
CarlHåkan Larsén - Sydsvenskan News paper, May 8th 2004.


Malmö Concert Hall (World Premiere)
Date: 6/5 2004
Orcherstra: Malmö Sympony Orchestra
Conductor: Christoph König

Other Performances
Berwaldhallen Stockholm

Date: 9/5 2004
Orchestra: Gävle Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Petter Sundkvist

Helsingborg Concert Hall
Date: 4/9 2004
Orchestra: Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Mats Rondin

Upcoming Performances
Gävle Concert Hall

Date: 28 oct 2005
Orchestra: Gävle Sympony Orchestra
Conductor: ---

Helsingborg Concert Hall
Date: May 2006
Orchestra: Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: ---



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Arena - Percussion Concerto No 1






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